How To Develop Your Childs Genius

How to learn Child

How to help a child ?

This is a question we hear frequently among the housewives who want their children to grow up to be a gifted child. Often times we are confused by the behavior and mindset of our children are a little naughty. This is a very reasonable thing done by a child, and we should understand it. then how the gifted child. ? or if your child is a genius. ? and how to help your child.? This is a series of problems in the face by the housewives who want their children to be smart can even be a genius. and in what order that our children become more developed.?
Many are talking care of and educate children to behave well is difficult not only you but the mothers in the world even this feels the same as you. they tend to be tired of her behavior and stop watching behavior and patterns of thought. not infrequently the child left without saying goodbye and she is always looking for how do i find my child? this continually occurring among housewives in general!

How to help a child like that.?

The first is that we must understand the mental and willingness what's on your child. This point is very important that your child feel a love that fits every day.

The second is make them feel comfortable in the house when they play or learn. This point is the maximum value in changing the mindset of your child.

How to develop a child.?

Then how precise and efficient in developing a child genius? you do not have, according to some surveys are concerned is sourced reliably every child born of memory holds the equivalent of a mini micro chip. you just give your child some extra'll be smarter.

Here we provide some kind of game that helps your child is more advanced in thinking. material vocabulary fit for your child's learning. the value of a game that has been labeled as a game that can make a child genius in thinking.

Esther Andrews. I am the mother of 2 highly gifted children. My daughter Tammy is a successful psychologist and a Ph.D. student. She works with autistic children, and creates wonders in their lives. I am proud of her. My son Eric is 20, and he, too, is a Ph. D. student, at a famous university. He also teaches math to other students - his own age - at that same university. He has never gotten a grade under A. I am so proud of him, too!

When my daughter was one year old, she has already talked and expressed her amazing creativity. When she was 18 months, she has already dictated to me several children's books: her creativity and imagination were amazing!

When my son was 2 years old, he could read to himself some children's books ( as you can see in the video below ). At the age of 3, he could add, subtract, multiply and divide. In kindergarten, he tested at the 12th grade level in reading, comprehension and vocabulary. in 3rd grade, at Stanford's program for gifted youth, he tested at the 99th percentile for high school children.

When my daughter was born, I have had no idea how to take care of her. I didn't even know how to change a diaper, or how to hold a baby.

But I knew that I want to give her the best chances for a good, successful, fulfilling life a child has ever had.

When my son was born, I already had some experience, but - again - I have decided to give him the best opportunities I could.

I have started my own research. I have read every book on the market, I have tried my own methods, I have talked with parents of gifted children, I have watched what parents of the most brilliant children are doing with their kids. I have tried every technique I have heard about on my own children.

I went from an inexperienced, new mother, to a mother of 2 highly gifted children, and later became the principal of the " School for Gifted Education ".

This is Esther Andrews story.

Now you can see how this method is successful in this video!

You still do not believe. ?

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