improve kids reading skills with these reading games and phonics games for school or homeschool education

These games target specific phonics skills and more advanced language skills including.

Identifying initial sounds and final sounds, word recognition, CVC words, consonant blends, recognizing common letter patterns, advanced phonics skills, prefixes, suffixes, contractions, homophones, antonyms, synonyms, syllables, plurals and more!

There are 8 ebooks in this collection of printable reading games and printable phonics games. Below you will see a sample of just a few of the games from each. A more detailed description of what is contained in each book is below the samples.

Rainbow Reading Board Games Samples

These reading games for kids reinforce basic phonics skills that are essential for success in reading, spelling and writing. As children play these games they are learning and reinforcing letter-sound relationships and common letter patterns from basic onset / rhyme combinations to more complex patterns.